Vendor Managed Inventory

At its core, our VMI program allows us to support our Customer’s demands for reduced inventory, increased inventory turns and JIT (just in time) inventory management. These are key elements of lean manufacturing principles, wherein manufacturers try to push the onus for inventory as far upstream as possible. By tightening the entire supply chain, we work together to bring new efficiencies from the process.

Vendor Managed Inventory Benefits

  • Remove in-house responsibility of inventory management and free up your employee’s time
  • Reduce the amount of physical space required for in-house inventory
  • Entrust your vendor to manage complex inventory levels and reduce costly and time-consuming inventory counts
  • Receive quantities via overnight delivery
  • Reduce stock-out losses
  • Cost reductions for Estimate Annual Usages (EAU)

Streamline Inventory

and Eliminate Cost

When you enroll in Vendor Managed Inventory with JN White, we become responsible for monitoring inventory levels within your supply chain. Our digital capabilities help us eliminate complicated and costly set-up efforts, our inventory management system gives us complete visibility and control over our entire live inventory, and our velocity scheduling approach helps drive to all of our manufacturing activities more efficiently than ever. It’s part of what makes JN White™ different. We think differently, and our innovative solutions help us shrink lead times, reduce liabilities, and free up capacity.

Vendor Managed Inventory Program Highlights

Blanket Order & Release

In this VMI arrangement, we work with customers to establish a sensible EAU (estimate annual usage) and annual contract price for a specified component, meaning you’ll always have access to the exact amount of stock you need.

Kanban Programs

We have a great deal of experience with these situations and can work closely with OEMs to ensure our component deliveries match up with their specific production demands.

Velocity Scheduling

A key component of the JN White™ process is the use of velocity scheduling to manage the inventory on our side of the supply chain.

Ultra-Competitive Terms

A tremendous benefit of our velocity-scheduled VMI program is that we can pass a variety of competitive advantages back down the supply chain to our customers.

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We had been getting labels from a small, local supplier. Then we had a UL audit and the Inspector found that the labels should have been manufactured per UL approved constructions. She asked me what other label manufacturers use and I said, 'JN White,' to which she immediately said, 'use them!' She didn't have to look them up or anything.

Brian B., Manufacturing

JN White does an excellent job in regards to the quality of their product! They are a good, responsive company that takes care of its customers and, if there does happen to be an issue, is quick to rectify the problem and make it right.

Steve L., Fitness Equipment

The JN White team handling our account makes my day much easier. Communication is clear and timely on everything from quotes to pull-ins. Rarely does any item coming from JN White end up being an issue. I am very satisfied with the level of attention and effort that they put in on a daily basis.

Ian M., Communications

Doug and Jaime suggested an alternative  to the present (3rd party) water jet cutting of our product. JN White's plotter cutting resulted in a superior finish and reduced cost with the entire production process being done at one supplier. Great work!

Roger W., Home Products

Every aspect, from concept to quote, to proof and the final product, is handled very quickly and the end product is always excellent.

Connor B., Homegoods

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